Excerpt: Kassy Sue

The True Story of a Dog’s Journey from a Landfill to Love

Hi! I am Kassy Sue. You can call me Kassy.
I am a very small terrier mixed breed dog.
Some people call me a mutt. I like to say I am mixed.
I am black and white, with a really cute face.
I want to tell you the true story of my lucky life.

I was born in a yucky, smelly landfill.
Trash was piled up as far as I could see.
Big garbage trucks came every day to dump more trash.
I ran away when I heard the loud trucks. Beep! Beep! Beep!

Wags to Riches: Kassy Sue - Book Picture pg. 1

In the landfill, I was always hungry and thirsty.
I had to dig through the trash to find food.
The food was yucky and old.
Clean water was hard to find.
I had to drink rainwater to quench my thirst.

When it rained, I was soaking wet and tried to hide.
Thunderstorms were really scary. I shivered when I heard thunder and lightning.
Winter was very cold. Snow and ice were the worst.
My paws would freeze as I tried to find shelter in the trash to keep me warm.
The landfill was not a good home for a little dog like me.

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