About The Dogs

Kassy SueKassy Sue

Kassy Sue was a small mixed breed dog, mostly Terrier. She was found in a landfill in 1999 at approximately two years old and was adopted into the author’s loving home. When Kassy was found, she was very scruffy and malnourished.  But, with a little love and care, it did not take long for her to turn into the absolute beauty she was always meant to be.

Kassy was an absolute sweetheart. She loved all dogs and cherished playtime. Her favorite treat was cheddar cheese. She slept in the bed with her Mom every night and was a constant, loving companion. Kassy was thrilled to meet her new dog sister, Emma, in 2001 and they developed a life-long loving friendship. She was eventually blessed with two additional dog sisters, Zoey and Ginger.

Kassy developed a heart condition and passed away peacefully in January 2012. She spent her last days soaking up sun and having fun in the yard at her favorite home. She was able to relax, run, and play freely until the end of her days.

Kassy lived a very blessed and happy life because she was rescued.  Her incredible journey is a true testament to the benefit and need for animal rescue and welfare.

Emma LuWags To Riches: Emma Lu

Emma Lu is a small, white, Shih Tzu dog. She was found on the side of a North Carolina highway in 2001. She suffered severe eye damage and lost several teeth from an accident before she was rescued. Emma was healed and then adopted into the author’s loving home.  She was thrilled to have a new dog sister, Kassy Sue.

Emma is the sweetest, most gentle and loving dog you will ever meet. She only wants to be held and loved. She loves all people and all dogs. Snuggling and cuddling are her favorite past times. She snuggles her Mom every night. Sock tug-o-war is her favorite game and she gets very excited when she is in the mood to play.

Emma lost her left eye, but remains positive and optimistic.  She runs and bounces around as the “One-Eyed Wonder.”  She misses Kassy Sue, but loves her new dog sisters Zoey, Ginger, and Lexi.

Emma is a great example of how to overcome obstacles and accept differences in others. Emma loves everyone and every dog. They love her too.

Emma’s story proves how much innocent animals deserve and need our help. She is resilient. We all can learn a lot from Emma’s spirit and optimism.